You’ll NEVER Guess Who’s Calling for an AI Pause

As a conservative opinion writer, I believe that halting the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in America is a bad idea. China has already made it clear that they want to dominate AI, and if America puts a pause on AI development, it will only give China the upper hand in building AI that could become the global standard.

A democratic AI is crucial, and it’s imperative that democracies lead the norms and standards around AI to ensure a democratic AI. The U.S. needs to take the necessary steps to ensure that we continue to lead the way in AI development while keeping our country and our democracy safe.

Regulations on AI are a more viable option than requiring a halt in research. By implementing restrictions on open AI models, licensing for new models, and limitations on exporting AI technology, we can achieve control over AI development and ensure America remains a leader in technology.

As a conservative, I believe that America must continue to lead in technology development, and AI is no exception. We need to take the necessary steps to ensure that we stay ahead of our competitors, especially China, in this vital area.

Source Fox News