You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who’s Implicated In Biden’s Debacle

In a shocking revelation, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) dropped a bombshell during a recent interview, implicating former President Barack Obama in the questionable international business dealings of the Biden family.

Comer, known for his sharp investigative skills, hinted that Obama had prior knowledge of the controversial activities that have come under scrutiny in a long-standing federal probe.

Speaking on the Great America Show hosted by the renowned Lou Dobbs, Comer expressed his belief that Obama was well aware of what Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was up to during his father’s last year as vice president.

Comer boldly declared, “He knew his son was no good, and he understood the magnitude of this issue, not just for our great nation, but also for the Democratic Party and Obama’s own legacy.”

The Kentucky Republican also raised an intriguing possibility, suggesting that Obama’s knowledge of the Biden family’s business dealings may have influenced his hesitance to fully endorse Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

It’s no secret that the former president was cautious in his public support, and Comer’s remarks lend credence to the notion that Obama had reservations about the ethical implications surrounding the Biden family.

Comer didn’t stop there. He further insinuated that the Obama administration, with its deep state bureaucrats, may have played a role in covering up the Biden family’s activities.

These cover-ups, according to Comer, could have taken place right under Obama’s nose, implicating various government agencies.

The explosive interview sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with conservatives sharing the video far and wide.

Republican voices like James Comer’s are shedding light on what seems to be a web of corruption and influence peddling that the mainstream media has conveniently overlooked.

Amidst all the evidence and credible allegations, it becomes clear that the Biden family’s secrets are unraveling. Witnesses are stepping forward, despite facing intimidation and threats from Hunter Biden’s legal team.

Comer’s concerns about witness safety and the pressure exerted on banks that have cooperated with investigations are alarming.

The call for accountability has grown louder, with Comer suggesting that Obama himself should be questioned under oath regarding his knowledge of Joe Biden’s foreign policy and dealings with questionable nations.

As the case heats up, Hunter Biden’s lawyers have met with the Department of Justice, potentially facing criminal charges. Furthermore, an IRS whistleblower has been granted permission to testify before the House Ways and Means Committee, shedding light on possible political interference in the investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.

With each passing day, the evidence mounts, exposing the Biden family’s questionable actions. It’s time for the truth to be revealed and for justice to be served. The American people deserve nothing less.

Source Fox News