Another Peek Into VIP Finances, You’ll Never Guess Who

The recently released financial disclosure forms of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have shed light on their financial affairs.

Biden’s earnings from his memoirs were underwhelming, with royalties amounting to less than $201 for his 2007 memoir and a modest range of $2,501 to $5,000 for his 2017 book.

The combined assets of the president and his wife fall within the range of $1.05 million to $2.58 million, with significant debts on their Delaware home mortgage and other loans.

In contrast, Harris reported higher royalties for her memoir and children’s book, totaling $41,000 and earned $456,000 in total. Her combined assets with her husband are estimated to be between $3.42 million and $8.29 million, with debts on their mortgage.

These financial disclosures raise questions about the financial acumen and priorities of the Biden-Harris administration.


  1. Lackluster Earnings: Biden’s memoir royalties and Harris’s book earnings were far from impressive, calling into question their appeal and commercial success.
  2. Modest Assets: The disclosed assets of Biden and Harris, while significant for average Americans, fall short of the wealth associated with their positions, raising concerns about their understanding of the struggles faced by ordinary citizens.
  3. Substantial Debts: The president’s mortgage debt and other loans, along with the vice president’s mortgage debt, suggest financial burdens that may influence their decision-making and ability to address economic challenges effectively.
  4. Disparity in Earnings: Harris’s higher royalties compared to Biden’s further highlight the contrast between their financial successes, leaving room for speculation on their individual wealth and financial independence.
  5. Financial Transparency: The release of these disclosures emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in leadership, urging citizens to scrutinize their elected officials’ financial circumstances.

The financial disclosures of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris paint a revealing picture of their economic situations. Biden’s meager earnings from his memoirs, coupled with his modest assets and substantial debts, raise concerns about his financial management skills.

It’s perplexing how a man who carries significant personal debt can effectively handle the economic challenges facing our nation.

On the other hand, Harris’s comparatively higher earnings and assets may indicate a more favorable financial standing.

However, her financial success is still overshadowed by the fact that she and her husband owe a significant amount on their mortgage. It begs the question of how attuned they are to the financial struggles faced by everyday Americans.

These disclosures serve as a reminder that our elected leaders must not only understand the needs of the people but also have a firm grasp of economic realities. It’s crucial to assess the financial acumen and priorities of those who shape our nation’s economic policies and make decisions that impact our livelihoods.

As passionate Republicans, we should hold our leaders accountable for their financial decisions and ensure they prioritize responsible fiscal management. Transparency should be a cornerstone of our democracy, allowing us to make informed judgments about those who represent us.

Let these financial disclosures be a call to action, motivating us to demand true economic expertise and fiscal responsibility from our elected officials. The future of our nation depends on it.

Source Fox News