You WON’T Believe Who’s Auditioning for Trump’s 2024 Running Mate

Donald Trump’s team has given some interesting insights into his potential running mate for the 2024 GOP ticket. According to Trump insiders who spoke to the Daily Caller, the former president is likely to choose a vice presidential candidate that is loyal, has charisma, and is ideologically aligned with him.

While no candidates have publicly announced their intent to be Trump’s VP, the former president has indicated that “a lot of people” are “auditioning” behind the scenes. According to the Daily Caller, although there haven’t been any formal discussions to narrow down the pool, there are a set of characteristics that will likely be considered.

“We do know one thing about Trump, is that he puts a lot of weight on how well you present yourself. That really matters to him, so I suspect that will matter for his VP choice,” a GOP consultant close to Trump told the Caller, adding that the person needs to be “TV ready.”

“Loyalty. That’s the necessary characteristic of anyone who wants to be VP. President Trump and the movement was dragged down by disloyalty in the White House,” a source close to Trump said.

It’s not surprising that Donald Trump is being very selective about his running mate for the 2024 election. After all, his VP pick will have to complement his image and align with his values. Loyalty will also be a crucial factor, considering the disloyalty he faced during his first term.

The former president has a lot of leeway in who he would pick, and there are so many choices and paths. One unnamed Trump adviser stated that the 45th president is likely to choose a running mate “from three general lanes of candidates: women, conservatives of color, or a trusted adviser.”