What Elon Said About The MEDIA Will Have You Applauding

In a recent tweet, Elon Musk accused the mainstream media and elite education institutions of being racist against white and Asian people. The billionaire entrepreneur criticized the media for switching from being racist against non-white people to being racist against whites and Asians. Musk’s tweet was in response to Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, who faced criticism for expressing outrage over a poll asking whether it was okay to be white.

Adams made several controversial remarks, including suggesting that it was pointless for white people to help black Americans and that they should “just get away.”

Following Adams’ comments, his Dilbert comic strip was removed from several mainstream newspapers, including The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times. Despite the media pushback, Adams doubled down on his comments, stating that people should treat everyone as an individual and avoid any group that doesn’t respect them.

Musk’s tweet and Adams’ controversial comments have sparked a heated debate on social media, with some people supporting their views while others have criticized them.

The issue of racism against white and Asian people has become increasingly controversial in recent years, with many people accusing the mainstream media and elite institutions of being biased against them.

However, it is important to note that racism against any group of people is wrong and should be condemned. It is also important to acknowledge that racism against non-white people has been a systemic problem in the United States for centuries, and while progress has been made, there is still a long way to go.

In today’s increasingly polarized political climate, it is easy to get caught up in divisive rhetoric and demonize those who hold different views. However, it is crucial to have respectful and constructive conversations about these issues in order to move forward as a society.

As individuals, we can strive to treat everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their race or ethnicity. We can also educate ourselves about the history of racism in the United States and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

While there will always be differences of opinion and disagreement, it is important to approach these issues with empathy and understanding in order to find common ground and move towards a better future for all.