GUESS Which Liberal City is DECAYING And You Know Who’s Fault It Is

Passionate Republican voters, it’s time to wake up and smell the corruption. The Democratic Party has long been plagued with scandals, and the latest involves none other than Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House.

While she may have disappeared from the limelight, Pelosi is still very much a force to be reckoned with. Recently, she was confronted by a man who asked her why the US was giving $150 billion to Ukraine while her own city of San Francisco is rife with homelessness. Her response was garbled, and her personal bodyguard rushed in to silence him.

But the truth is, Pelosi has long been profiting off of her position in Congress, all while hypocritically complaining about income inequality. The Pelosi family has been accused of insider trading, and TikTok users even watched Pelosi’s account for stock tips.

Recently, Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., sold $5 million in Taiwanese chip-maker NVIDIA ahead of a critical trade vote, while Pelosi personally met with a Taiwanese delegation. Corruption expert Peter Schweizer has compared Paul Pelosi Jr. to Hunter Biden, citing their vague consulting and advisory services that seem to exist solely to profit off of corrupt government practices.

But it’s not just about Pelosi’s personal corruption. The Democrats have been funneling billions of dollars to Ukraine, even as San Francisco crumbles under their leadership. The United States has spent approximately $75 billion on the War in Ukraine, with Joe Biden pledging to give another $10 billion in taxpayer money. That comes out to about $85 billion, or $230 million a day in aid to Ukraine over the course of a year.

Meanwhile, San Francisco has become unrecognizable, with thousands of homeless people on the streets and rampant drug use. The Democrats seem more concerned with pandering to their globalist allies than taking care of their own citizens.

It’s time for passionate Republican voters to demand accountability from the Democrats. The PELOSI Act, introduced by Sen. Josh Hawley, would prevent elected leaders from owning securities and investments, closing a major loophole in insider trading laws.

We cannot allow the Democrats to continue their corrupt practices while American citizens suffer. It’s time to vote out the swamp creatures and elect representatives who will put the needs of the American people first. We deserve better than the Pelosi family’s greed and the Democrats’ globalist agenda. Let’s make our voices heard at the ballot box and take back our country.