Trump’s Epic TruthSocial Comeback After Arraignment, You’ll Be SHOCKED AT What He Said

After his arraignment in Manhattan, former President Trump took to TruthSocial to express his thoughts on the case. He highlighted legal experts’ opinions that there is “no case here.”

Reactions to this historic day have varied, with Speaker McCarthy vowing to hold DA Alvin Bragg accountable and President Biden appearing pleased with the GOP frontrunner’s legal troubles.


Trump reacts to arraignment on TruthSocial.
Legal experts from both sides say there is “no case.”
Speaker McCarthy promises to hold DA Alvin Bragg accountable.
President Biden seems content with the GOP frontrunner facing legal issues.

Trump highlights the high costs of NYPD presence and recent court victories.

As Republicans, it’s essential to pay close attention to the legal challenges facing former President Trump.

The arraignment and the reactions it has garnered reveal the deep political divide in our country. We must remain vigilant and work together to ensure that justice is served and that our democratic process remains intact.