GUESS Who’s Unmasking the Hidden Truths in the Biden Family Saga, Take TWO Guesses

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is making strides in investigating pressing issues like Hunter Biden’s laptop, school board problems, and Big Tech’s influence.

He has launched several inquiries, surpassing the combined efforts of the rest of Congress. Jordan is scrutinizing the misleading statement signed by 51 former intel officials in October 2020, which falsely implied Hunter Biden’s laptop was the product of Russian disinformation.

Currently, federal prosecutors are examining Hunter Biden’s tax affairs and foreign business dealings.

Jordan has requested documents and information from Attorney General Merrick Garland about the Department of Justice’s probe into Hunter Biden, expressing concern over a possible conflict of interest.

He has also observed a notable shift in media coverage of the allegations against the Bidens.

As a steadfast leader, Jim Jordan ensures the truth about the Biden family, Big Tech, and other critical matters will come to light. Republican voters can be confident that their concerns are being addressed in Congress.