Biden’s Twitter Gaffe Is A Reason To Be Concerned

A train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, has led to reports of dead fish, animals, and contaminated water. Despite this ecological disaster, the Biden administration has failed to address the situation, causing concern among citizens. Citizen journalists have played a crucial role in bringing attention to the incident since the mainstream media has been slow to report on it.


  • The train derailment in Ohio has led to concerns about the safety of water and air.
  • The Biden administration has yet to comment on the incident, and the transportation secretary only made a vague statement after several days.
  • Citizen journalists have helped raise awareness about the ecological disaster since the mainstream media has been slow to report on it.
  • The lack of action and accountability from the current administration is concerning, especially regarding issues that affect citizens’ health and safety.
  • As citizens, we must hold our leaders accountable and demand action when necessary.

Commentary: The lack of leadership and accountability from the Biden administration regarding the ecological disaster in Ohio is alarming. It’s concerning that elected officials prioritize their political interests over the safety of their citizens.

The role of the media is also a concern, as citizen journalists have had to step in and bring attention to the issue when the mainstream media has failed to do so. It’s essential for citizens to hold our leaders accountable and demand transparency and action when necessary. We cannot afford to wait for our government to act when our health and safety are at risk.