You’ll Never Guess Who’s Playing Hardball With A Major Decision

Sean Hannity launched a scathing attack on President Biden for his repeated refusal to strike a deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on the debt ceiling. Democrats have been fearmongering, blaming McCarthy for an impending economic collapse. However, Hannity set the record straight, exposing the Democrats’ negligence and Biden’s unwillingness to engage in meaningful negotiations.

Contrary to the Democratic narrative, McCarthy tirelessly attempted to initiate talks with the White House for over 100 days. However, the White House consistently stonewalled McCarthy, refusing to answer his calls or entertain negotiations. Democrats made it clear that they were unwilling to consider any alternative solutions; it was their way or the highway.

Let’s examine the timeline of events. On January 13th, the White House proudly announced that negotiations were off the table. Yet, on January 20th, McCarthy earnestly reached out to start talks, only to be met with repeated rejections.

In April, McCarthy issued warnings about an imminent default, but Democrats disregarded his concerns. As a result, House Republicans took matters into their own hands on April 20th by passing the Limit, Save, Grow Act. This responsible legislation raised the debt ceiling and implemented spending cuts by returning to 2022 levels.

Contrary to the Democrats’ claims, these measures were far from Draconian. The bill also ensured future growth was capped at 1%, resulting in substantial savings of $4.8 trillion, according to the CBO’s assessment.

The Democrats were taken aback when Republicans united and acted decisively. They underestimated McCarthy’s leadership and the determination of the GOP.

President Biden’s refusal to negotiate serves as evidence of his alignment with the far-left progressives who prioritize their own agenda over the well-being of the American people. Hannity’s expose reveals the truth that the biased and corrupt media will never acknowledge. It is time to hold Biden accountable and demand leadership that puts the interests of the nation first.

Source Fox News