You’ll NEVER Guess Who’s Being Called “Selfish” for Running Again

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board has strongly criticized a potential second term for President Joe Biden, stating that it could be a “historic mistake.” They have accused Biden supporters of being selfish for pushing for another four years for an octogenarian in obvious decline.


The Journal suggests that Biden’s decline is clear to anyone who isn’t willfully blind.

They have pointed out that it’s impossible to know Biden’s real physical and mental state.

The Journal has called on other Democrats to join the primary against Biden.

They have argued that Biden is doing a disservice to the country by running.


The Wall Street Journal’s critique of a potential second term for President Joe Biden is not unfounded. Biden’s mental and physical state has been a subject of concern for many, and it’s crucial for the American people to elect a leader who is fit for the job.

It’s commendable that the Journal has called out the selfishness of those who are pushing for another term for Biden, despite his obvious decline. Let’s hope that this critique is taken seriously, and the right decision is made in the upcoming election.