You’ll Never Guess Who Was Notably Absent From Today’s Energy Hearing

House Republicans are standing firm in their commitment to hold the Biden administration accountable for its lack of transparency and questionable grant decisions. The House Energy and Commerce Committee organized a crucial hearing titled “Growing the Domestic Energy Sector Supply Chain and Manufacturing Base: Are Federal Efforts Working?” Unfortunately, the hearing witnessed the absence of David Howell, a key official in the Department of Energy’s Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains.

Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican representative from Washington, expressed her deep concerns about the Department’s decision to snub the hearing. In her exclusive opening remarks shared with Fox News Digital, she condemned the refusal to answer questions from elected representatives, emphasizing that it was “completely unacceptable” and did nothing to alleviate fears about potentially problematic awards.

The spotlight on the Department of Energy intensified when it was revealed that they had awarded a $200 million grant to Microvast, a Texas-based company with extensive ties to China. Fortunately, on Monday evening, the DOE informed congressional staff that the grant would no longer be awarded to Microvast.

This decision came as a direct result of relentless pressure from Republican leaders who called for the grant to be rescinded, highlighting the company’s significant revenue generation in China and its susceptibility to Chinese government intervention.

Chairwoman McMorris Rodgers had extended an invitation to David Howell, seeking his insights into the Biden administration’s efforts to untangle U.S. energy supply chains from China and other adversarial nations. However, the Department of Energy declined the invitation, claiming that they had already provided witnesses to the committee on previous occasions. This refusal only deepened suspicions and raised questions about the Department’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

As responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars, the Department of Energy must be held to the highest standards. While the cancellation of grant negotiations with Microvast is a positive step, it leaves room for speculation regarding the underlying reasons for this decision.

The American people deserve clarity and assurance that their hard-earned money is not being funneled to China or compromised in any way.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, marked by the symbolic empty chair, serves as a stark reminder of the Biden administration’s lack of accountability. It provides an opportunity for Republican representatives to demand answers, uncover the truth, and safeguard the interests of the American people.

The hearing is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, and it promises to be a significant turning point in the pursuit of transparency and responsible governance.

Source Fox News