You’ll Never Guess Who Just Got Applauded At Howard University

    President Biden’s recent reception of an honorary doctorate degree from Howard University has sparked controversy among conservatives. Dr. Wayne Frederick, the university’s president, commended Biden for his supposed analytical intellect and popularity, but critics and recent polls paint a different picture.

    Conservatives took to social media to express their skepticism and ridicule the description of Biden. Republican consultant Matt Whitlock noted the irony of Biden’s claimed popularity while his Twitter account accuses Republicans of divisive actions. Many conservatives view the portrayal of Biden as a parody rather than reality.

    Recent polls reinforce the doubts surrounding Biden’s alleged popularity and analytical intellect. Gallup’s April poll revealed a record-low approval rating of 37% for Biden, while an ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 63% of American adults question his mental sharpness to effectively serve as president.

    These poll results have only intensified the skepticism among conservatives. A group of House Republicans, including former President Barack Obama’s physician, Rep. Ronny Jackson, have called for Biden to undergo a cognitive test or reconsider running for president in 2024.

    During his commencement address at Howard University, Biden’s statement about white supremacy being the most dangerous terrorist threat drew criticism. Many conservatives argue that his focus on this issue only deepens divisions and stokes racial tensions.

    In conclusion, President Biden’s honorary degree from Howard University has ignited controversy among conservatives. His alleged popularity and analytical intellect have been met with skepticism on social media and are contradicted by recent polls.

    Calls for a cognitive test and criticism of his focus on white supremacy further contribute to the doubts expressed by conservatives. The debate continues as conservatives seek answers and transparency from the Biden administration.

    Source  Fox News