You’ll NEVER Guess Which Senators Are Calling For More Talks Now

Senate Democrats Amy Klobuchar and Dick Durbin are calling for President Biden to hold talks on the federal fiscal crisis with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

However, they only want to discuss how to raise the government’s borrowing limit and not possible spending cuts. They believe that avoiding a stalemate by getting Biden to agree to a meeting without a commitment to cut spending is the best course of action.


Democrats want to discuss raising the government’s borrowing limit but refuse to discuss possible spending cuts.
Senate Democrats Klobuchar and Durbin are urging President Biden to hold talks with House Speaker McCarthy.

Klobuchar and Durbin do not support the spending cuts that Republicans are seeking.
Democrats believe that avoiding a stalemate is the best course of action.
They want to handle the debt ceiling first before discussing possible spending cuts.

Democrats refusal to discuss possible spending cuts is worrying. It shows that they are more interested in political posturing than in finding real solutions to the federal fiscal crisis.

Republicans are right to demand spending cuts to address the ballooning federal deficit. Democrats should put aside their political games and work with Republicans to find real solutions to this crisis.