You’ll Never Guess What This Ex-President Has To Say Now

Former President Trump, in an exclusive Fox News town hall hosted by the renowned Sean Hannity, exposed the insidious protection the Bidens are receiving from the corrupt and one-sided justice system in the United States. Trump, known for his unwavering fight against the witch hunts that have plagued his political career, highlighted the double standard that exists when it comes to handling him versus President Biden and his family.

During the town hall in Clive, Iowa, Trump emphasized the protection the Bidens are enjoying, stating, “They’re being protected, and it’s a one-sided system—it is a very unfair system, but they’re being protected.” This assertion resonates with millions of passionate Republican voters who have witnessed the biased treatment of conservatives by the media and the justice system.

Trump brought up the infamous case involving Joe Biden’s efforts to have a Ukrainian prosecutor fired and halt an investigation into Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas firm where his son, Hunter Biden, was involved. The former president highlighted the irony of his own impeachment, especially when officials were aware of the existence of Hunter Biden’s questionable laptop.

It is crucial to note that Trump’s concerns about Hunter Biden were well-founded. At the time of Trump’s first impeachment, Hunter Biden was already under federal criminal investigation for his tax affairs, which stemmed from suspicious foreign transactions. This investigation, overseen by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Delaware, was initiated back in 2018.

The revelation of Hunter Biden’s laptop further added fuel to the fire. Fox News Digital was the first to report on the existence of a federal investigation involving Hunter Biden in October 2020, just before the previous presidential election. The FBI had subpoenaed the laptop as part of an ongoing money laundering investigation, providing evidence of the corruption that the mainstream media conveniently chose to ignore.

Trump’s passionate plea for justice and fairness resonated with the American people. He rightly pointed out the absurdity of the dual system of government that exists, where law and order are compromised by rampant corruption. The former president’s unwavering determination to expose these injustices is a testament to his commitment to the American people.

In conclusion, Trump’s remarks during the Fox News town hall shed light on the protection and favoritism afforded to the Bidens, highlighting the need for a fair and unbiased justice system. The American people deserve equal treatment under the law, and it is crucial to hold all individuals accountable, regardless of their political affiliations. Only through true justice can we restore faith in our democratic institutions and ensure a brighter future for our great nation.

Source Fox News