You’ll Never Guess What Question The White House Is Dodging

The refusal of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to address questions regarding Hunter Biden’s concerning Second Amendment defense is deeply troubling. During a recent press briefing, Jean-Pierre chose to evade the issue rather than providing a clear response. This lack of transparency is unacceptable and leaves the American people in the dark about an important matter.

Hunter Biden, who has a well-documented history of drug abuse, is currently under investigation by the Justice Department, including an examination of his 2018 gun purchase. During that time, Hunter openly admitted to being a regular cocaine user. The possession of firearms by individuals with a history of drug abuse poses serious risks to public safety.

While federal law explicitly prohibits drug users from owning guns, a Supreme Court ruling from last year has created ambiguity regarding this prohibition. Hunter’s legal team is reportedly planning to exploit this ruling as part of his defense strategy. What is especially concerning is that President Joe Biden, Hunter’s father, previously criticized the same Supreme Court decision, expressing his disappointment in the ruling that struck down New York’s authority to regulate concealed carry permits.

The American people deserve transparency and honest answers from the White House regarding Hunter Biden’s Second Amendment defense. It is essential to uphold the integrity of our justice system and ensure that all individuals are held accountable, regardless of their last name. As conservative Republicans, we must demand accountability and stand firm in defense of the Second Amendment and the rule of law.

Source Fox News