You’ll NEVER Guess The UNEXPECTED Reason Why Biden Is Frustrating Journalists

Since taking office, President Biden has faced growing criticism over his administration’s lack of transparency, and the issue has only escalated in recent weeks. The president has been avoiding press conferences and limiting his interactions with the media, which has raised concerns among voters across the country.

According to a recent Fox News report, people in Nashville expressed frustration over the lack of access to information from the White House.

One man even went so far as to suggest that the president is not in charge of the country, while another said that nobody really knows what’s going on anymore.

The White House press corps has also expressed frustration over the president’s lack of transparency. Biden has only done 23 press conferences since taking office, compared to 41 by President Trump, 53 by President Obama, and 45 by President Bush at this point in their administrations.

The press corps grew even more frustrated when they learned that the president would forgo a formal news conference during his recent trip to Ireland.

The lack of transparency has led some to question whether the administration is trying to protect the president from tough questions. During a recent press conference, one reporter asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if the administration was trying to protect the president, to which she replied, “Absolutely not. Absolutely not.”

Despite the reassurances, many voters remain unconvinced. One man visiting Nashville from Connecticut called the press secretary’s response “laughable,” while another suggested that the president is “compromised” and that his handlers are “taking care of everything that he does.”

The lack of transparency is a serious issue that could have significant consequences for the Biden administration. Without access to information, voters may begin to question the legitimacy of the president’s decisions, and the White House may find it increasingly difficult to push its agenda forward.