You’ll Be Shocked To Know who’s hindering oversight efforts.

The House Judiciary Committee’s relentless pursuit of accountability has reached a boiling point as FBI Director Christopher Wray faces mounting pressure to comply with congressional subpoenas. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, an unwavering advocate for the American people, has voiced his frustration and issued a stern warning to the FBI, vowing to take action if the agency fails to deliver the requested materials.

Chairman Jordan’s unequivocal letter, dated July 17, serves as a scathing indictment of the FBI’s noncompliance. He labels the agency’s actions as “unacceptable” and sets a new deadline of July 25, 2023, for the delivery of the requested materials. Failure to comply could result in severe consequences, including potential contempt of Congress charges against Director Wray.

The subpoenas under scrutiny hold immense significance for Republicans and all Americans concerned about governmental transparency. The first subpoena delves into the FBI’s surveillance of parents who expressed outrage over changes to school curriculums and alleged cover-ups of sexual misconduct. It is deeply troubling that the FBI would target these parents, infringing upon their fundamental First Amendment rights.

The second subpoena revolves around an alarming eight-page memo leaked by a former FBI agent, which revealed the agency’s investigation of traditional Catholic Americans based on their religious beliefs. Such blatant discrimination is a direct violation of religious freedom and raises serious questions about the FBI’s actions.

Despite repeated efforts to obtain the requested documents, the FBI’s compliance has been woefully inadequate. Chairman Jordan’s letter underscores the urgency of the situation and the committee’s unwavering commitment to oversight.

Republicans stand together in their support of Chairman Jordan’s pursuit of truth and accountability. The American people deserve transparency and answers. It is imperative that the FBI promptly complies with the subpoenas and fulfills its obligations. Failure to do so only fuels concerns that elements within the agency are willing to abuse their power to suppress dissent and target innocent citizens.

Chairman Jordan’s letter is a testament to the ongoing battle for justice and transparency within our government. We must support leaders who are willing to expose wrongdoing and protect our constitutional rights. Let us stand united in demanding accountability from our law enforcement agencies and ensuring that the principles of freedom and justice prevail.

Source Fox News