You’ll Be Shocked To Know What This Vice President Just Said

Vice President Kamala Harris is facing criticism after she made misleading statements about conservatives’ push to ban gender ideology classes from public education. Critics argue that Harris falsely claimed that conservatives are trying to ban women’s history, while in reality, the issue centers around preventing lessons that promote the idea that children can undergo gender transition if they feel they were born in the wrong body.

Harris made these remarks during a recent address at an event hosted by EMILY’s List, an abortion advocacy non-profit organization. While discussing perceived threats to feminists and the LGBTQ community, Harris brought up conservatives’ objections to certain aspects of public school curricula.

Conservatives swiftly responded to Harris’s statements on social media, accusing her of either lying or lacking knowledge about the true intentions behind banning gender ideology in schools. The aim is to prevent the teaching of concepts that blur the definition of ‘woman’ and convince children they were born in the wrong body, not to eradicate women’s history or women’s equality.

Prominent voices on the right, such as Seth Dillon, the founder of The Babylon Bee, highlighted the discrepancy in Harris’s understanding. He clarified that the focus is on combating an ideology that challenges the definition of womanhood and influences children’s perception of their own gender identity.

Others joined in criticizing Harris’s mischaracterization. Stephen Perkins of the American Conservation Coalition sarcastically tweeted about Republicans supposedly trying to erase the gender makeup of the U.S. Senate. Conservative influencer Amy Curtis expressed her strong disapproval of Harris, while blogger Mike LaChance pointed out her tendency to opine on various subjects without proper knowledge.

Graham Allen, a conservative commentator, attributed Harris’s misleading statement to her history of gaffes, suggesting that her mind is often in a state of confusion. Jake Schneider of RNC Research noted that many Americans find it difficult to support Harris due to her lack of basic understanding on a range of topics.

It is crucial to set the record straight on conservatives’ stance regarding gender ideology in schools. Rather than seeking to erase women’s history or equality, their goal is to ensure that children receive accurate information and are not influenced by an ideology that challenges traditional definitions of gender. The misrepresentation of their position by Harris only serves to further polarize the discourse surrounding this important issue.

Source Fox News