You’ll Be Shocked To Know What the NY Times Has to Say

The New York Times, known for its liberal bias, is once again under fire for publishing what critics are calling a “puff piece” on President Joe Biden. The article in question examined the aging issue facing the president and attempted to portray him as a sharp and fit leader despite his numerous mishaps and gaffes.

In the article, the Times acknowledged some of the president’s public blunders but quickly brushed them off, emphasizing his so-called “striking stamina.” They described Biden as someone who is wise and able to rise to the occasion, but also admitted that he is a little slower, softer, and harder of hearing, characteristics that are all too familiar to anyone in their ninth decade of life.

The Times even went so far as to justify Biden’s habit of repeating phrases and retelling fact-challenged stories by comparing it to behaviors exhibited by others his age. They even mentioned his tendency to randomly start reading Irish poetry to children visiting the White House, as if that somehow makes up for his verbal slip-ups.

This biased coverage of Biden’s age is concerning, especially considering the Democratic National Committee’s decision not to hold any debates for the 2024 election. Judge Jeanine Pirro, a well-respected conservative voice, pointed out that this lack of challenge within his own party raises questions about Biden’s ability to lead. Leaders on the international stage are already looking at him and laughing, viewing him as a joke.

Despite seeking reelection, Biden has been notably absent from the campaign trail. His staff schedules his public appearances between noon and 4 p.m., conveniently avoiding any time when he may be fatigued or prone to making more gaffes. This raises further doubts about his fitness to serve as president.

It’s clear that the New York Times article was nothing more than a hit piece against Biden’s critics. Democrats, even those who support him, recognize the bias in this coverage. They know that Biden’s accomplishments are overshadowed by his frequent blunders and questionable cognitive abilities.

The American people deserve honest and unbiased reporting about their president, regardless of their political affiliation. It’s time for the mainstream media to hold Biden accountable and provide fair coverage of his presidency. The New York Times should be ashamed of its blatant bias and the attempt to paint a rosy picture of a president who is clearly struggling to perform his duties effectively. We need real journalism, not propaganda.

Source Fox News