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3 Reasons Hillary Shouldn’t Be President In 2024


Clinton is known for her lack of truthfulness. In fact, in a July 2016 study by PolitiFact, they found that over half of her statements were false or mostly false.

She has also been accused of lying under oath on multiple occasions and continues to be evasive when asked difficult questions about her past record. This raises serious doubts about her integrity and ability to lead with honesty – something Republicans and conservatives value highly.


Clinton has been involved in numerous corruption scandals throughout her career as a public servant. From foreign donations pouring into the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State to accusations of pay-to-play politics in her role at the State Department, her ethical record is abysmal.

Republicans and conservatives believe strongly in governmental accountability and transparency, which Clinton has failed to provide throughout her tenure.


Clinton continues to be out of touch with the American people on key issues. From supporting NAFTA during Bill Clinton’s presidency to backing corporate welfare such as bailing out Wall Street firms, she has supported policies that have hurt working class Americans while continuing to line the pockets of the wealthy elite.

Republicans and conservatives will find it difficult to support a president who ignores their concerns about economic inequality in our society.