Who Really Shook Hands With Foreign Associates?

Hey there, 12th graders! Ready to uncover a real-life mystery? We’ve got a story that’s been making headlines, and it involves none other than Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Picture this: It’s spring 2015, and Hunter invites his dad, Joe Biden, to dinner with some foreign business folks. But guess what? The Biden team later says it never happened! Drama alert!

Fast forward to 2020, and the New York Post drops a bombshell – Hunter introduced his dad to a big shot from a Ukrainian energy company. Say what?!

The Biden team goes into superhero mode, saying it’s all “Russian disinformation.” But guess what? The truth train keeps chugging, and now Hunter’s ex-business partner, Devon Archer, spills the beans! Dad was at the dinner, after all!

Oh, and there’s this email thingy from years ago where Hunter talks about dad coming to dinner. Can you smell the mystery, 12th graders?

So, the question is, did Joe Biden really have dinner with Hunter’s business buddies, or is it just a big ol’ game of he said-she said? The evidence is piling up, and it’s time for us to put on our detective hats!

As future voters and leaders, it’s essential to seek the truth, hold our leaders accountable, and remember that transparency matters. So, let’s keep our eyes peeled, ears open, and always ask the big questions!

Stay curious, 12th graders, because the truth is out there, and it’s up to us to uncover it! Happy sleuthing!

Source Fox News