When You Didn’t Think The Hunter Biden Laptop Story Could Get Even Weirder

As a passionate Republican voter, it can be frustrating when the mainstream media ignores or suppresses important stories that support your political beliefs.

One of the most egregious examples of this happened in October 2020, when the Hunter Biden laptop story was censored by major tech companies and ignored by most of the national media.

This story, which is still relevant today, exemplifies the censorship and collusion that exists between tech companies, government forces, and the national media.

At the time, many journalists were too afraid to report on the story, fearing backlash and ostracism from their colleagues and social media platforms. Even now, two and a half years later, many are still trying to revise history and shift blame onto others. The media’s reluctance to cover the story was largely due to guilt and fear.

They felt guilty for their coverage of Hillary Clinton’s emails and for Trump’s shocking victory in 2016. They were afraid of being ostracized and attacked by their colleagues on social media.

But as journalists, our duty is to the truth, not to a particular political party or ideology. As Shawn McCreesh, a former New York Times employee, put it, “There’s a really, really worrying tendency on the left and the mainstream media and the Democratic Party to censor anything undesirable as if that would make it go away.”

We cannot let fear or guilt dictate our coverage. We must stand up for the truth and report on important stories, even if they are uncomfortable or inconvenient. This is especially true when it comes to stories that have the potential to impact the outcome of elections or public policy.

As a Republican voter, it can be frustrating to see stories that support your political beliefs suppressed or ignored by the media. But we must continue to push for transparency and accountability from our journalists, regardless of their political affiliations. The truth must always come first.