What’s Casting A Shadow Over Homeowners Today?

Hey there, high schoolers! Let’s dive into a tale that might just light a spark of curiosity. Remember those good old incandescent light bulbs that have brightened our lives for ages? Well, get ready for a twist in the story, because the Biden administration has just given them the boot.

Back in 2007, President George Bush signed an energy bill that had some sneaky rules hidden inside. These rules made it almost impossible for those trusty incandescent bulbs to stick around. Instead, they wanted us to switch to those squiggly compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), which they called the “green” choice.

But hold up, those CFLs were anything but a hit. They cost more and cast a glare that could blind you faster than looking at the sun. Sound familiar? It’s like the rerun of a show when the Biden team floated the idea of saying goodbye to gas stoves earlier this year. In 2017, the Department of Energy under Obama made rules that sped up the end of incandescent bulbs.

Then, along came President Trump, who hit the brakes and brought incandescent bulbs back to the party. He even boasted about looking better under their warm glow at his rallies.

Now, let’s fast forward to today. The Biden Department of Energy is waving goodbye to incandescent bulbs once again, claiming it’s for our own good – both for us and the environment. They’re saying this new rule, in place since 2022, is a step forward.

But don’t get blinded by the fancy words. This isn’t about moving forward; it’s about someone else making decisions for you. That grace period they gave to sellers? It’s gone as of July 2023. Anyone caught selling these outlawed bulbs could be hit with big fines.

But don’t worry, there’s a twist. LED bulbs have stepped into the spotlight as the new stars. They meet the Energy Department’s rules and light up rooms nicely. Though they do cost a bit more and might flicker sometimes.

The tricky part? Those old incandescent bulbs used to keep LED prices from skyrocketing. But now that they’re gone, LED bulbs might just get pricier.

So, when you flick the switch and see the light, remember this story. It’s a reminder that decisions from the people in charge can change what lights up our lives. Stay curious, seniors, and keep shining a light on the truth!

Source Fox news