What is Biden Trying to Hide with His Annual Physical? Former Obama Doc Shares Concerns!

Former doctor for President Barack Obama, Dr. David Scheiner, has expressed concerns about President Joe Biden’s health as he is scheduled for his annual physical.

Scheiner pointed to Biden’s aneurysms and atrial fibrillation, which he underwent surgery for in 1988, as well as his noticeably affected walking ability. While the White House has promised to release the results of Biden’s physical, Scheiner is skeptical about the transparency of the report.


  • Dr. David Scheiner expressed concerns about President Joe Biden’s health, pointing to his medical history and current movement.
  • Biden’s walking ability has been noticeably affected, which the White House attributes to spinal arthritis and a fractured foot.
  • The White House has promised to release the results of Biden’s physical, but Scheiner is skeptical about transparency.
  • 10 experts in aging have noted that Biden has “a lot going in his favor,” but concerns remain about his health and longevity as President.
  • It’s essential to seek out a variety of sources and perspectives to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

Commentary: Republican voters have long expressed concerns about President Biden’s health and fitness to lead. Dr. Scheiner’s concerns only serve to further fuel these anxieties. While the White House promises transparency, it’s important to hold our leaders accountable for their physical and mental well-being.

As the country continues to face challenges both domestically and internationally, it’s essential that we have a leader who is able to navigate these issues with clarity and decisiveness. Republican voters will likely continue to monitor Biden’s health closely, and demand transparency and accountability from our leaders.