Trump Takes Matters into His OWN Hands And You’ll Be Asking WHY Biden Hasn’t

Former President Donald Trump is taking a proactive approach to addressing transportation safety issues. He has announced that he will visit the site of the train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, where toxic chemicals were spilled into the land and water after a train derailment.

This move comes after the lack of action from the current Biden administration and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has drawn criticism from Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and others.

Trump’s planned visit to Ohio is expected to happen soon, where he will meet with members of the community affected by the train disaster. According to a source familiar with his plans, Trump has a strong relationship with the people of Ohio.

The incident occurred on Feb. 3, when about 50 cars on a Norfolk Southern Railroad train carrying vinyl chloride derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, causing the company to release potentially deadly fumes and other dangerous chemicals into the air.

Local residents were told to evacuate the area during the release, but were assured it was safe to return on Feb. 9. However, residents have reported severe symptoms from toxins and chemicals that have seeped into the air and waterways since the derailment on Feb. 7.

Senator Rubio has called for the resignation of Secretary Buttigieg, who he accuses of being grossly incompetent and apathetic toward the safety and prosperity of the American people. Rubio argues that Buttigieg has repeatedly downplayed and ignored crises, prioritizing topics of little relevance to the nation’s transportation system.

Trump’s visit to Ohio is a reminder that transportation safety issues are of great importance and must be addressed promptly. His move to meet with members of the affected community is a step in the right direction, as it shows a willingness to engage with those affected by the disaster. It is hoped that other political leaders will follow his lead in addressing transportation safety issues.