This Surprising Duo Just Exposed A Political Tactic, That Has Everyone Talking

Joe Rogan and Dave Smith criticized President Biden for using Vice President Kamala Harris as a human shield to protect himself in his 2024 re-election campaign bid. Despite plummeting approval ratings and grim poll numbers, Biden announced that he and Harris will seek re-election to “finish the job.”


  1. Biden’s decision to run for re-election despite grim poll numbers has received criticism.
  2. Rogan and Smith speculated that Biden kept Harris as his running mate to insulate himself from risks.
  3. The two comedians ridiculed Harris’ public speaking skills, with Rogan mocking her infamous word salads.
  4. Rogan warned that powerful and influential roles must be merit-based, and not simply based on representation.
  5. Smith pointed out that forcing representation assumes that certain people cannot achieve such roles on their own.

Biden’s decision to run for re-election despite low approval ratings and a challenging political climate raises questions about his leadership.

Critics such as Rogan and Smith have pointed out that his reliance on Harris may not be a wise move. As the race for 2024 heats up, it remains to be seen whether Biden’s decision will pay off.

Source Fox News