‘The View’ SPARKS MTG’s Wrath, You’ll Be SURPRISED To Know Why

Jane Fonda, a well-known actress, and activist have sparked controversy after making a comment about abortion during an episode of The View.

Fonda, who is 85 years old, expressed her opinion on pro-life supporters and emphasized the significance of preserving reproductive rights. She stated that “We’re not going back. I don’t care what the laws are. We’re not going back.”

However, when asked about other actions that could be taken, Fonda responded with a shocking remark: “Murder.” This statement caused a stir among the show’s hosts and viewers.

One of the critics of Fonda’s comment was Marjorie Taylor Greene, a pro-life politician, who called out Fonda on Twitter. She expressed her outrage at the statement and blamed The View, its hosts, producers, network, and advertisers for any potential violence that could occur against pro-life politicians and activists.

Greene stated that she routinely received death threats due to the negative comments made about her on the show. She ended her tweet by addressing Fonda directly and making a personal attack on her age and fertility.

Another politician, Anna Paulina Luna, also criticized Fonda’s comment and took it seriously enough to report it to the Capitol Police.

Luna, who is also pro-life, demanded that Fonda and The View issue public retractions for giving a platform to such “repugnant behavior.”

She emphasized the seriousness of calling for the murder of pro-life politicians, which could lead to targeting and physical harm.

The controversy surrounding Fonda’s comment highlights the ongoing debate about reproductive rights and the pro-life versus pro-choice movement.

While Fonda’s remark may have been intended as a provocative statement to emphasize the importance of reproductive rights, it has been criticized for condoning violence and threatening the safety of pro-life politicians and activists.

It is important to have respectful and productive discussions about these issues without resorting to extreme language or inciting violence. In conclusion, Fonda’s comment about abortion during The View sparked controversy and drew criticism from pro-life politicians.

While it is essential to have open discussions about reproductive rights, it is crucial to do so in a respectful and non-threatening manner.

Any language that condones violence or incites harm is unacceptable and should be condemned.

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