The Unexpected Struggle of a Clean, Reliable Power Source, You’ll Be Shocked

Attention, fellow high school seniors! Today, let’s dive into the world of hydropower and the hurdles it faces in Biden’s America. You might wonder, “What’s hydropower?” Well, it’s a renewable energy source that uses water to generate electricity.

Cool, right? But guess what? The regulatory process surrounding hydropower projects is causing big problems. Let’s break it down.

Hydropower is a powerhouse, contributing a whopping 6.2% of America’s utility-scale electricity and nearly 30% of renewable electricity. That’s a lot of clean power! But here’s the catch: hydropower projects face more regulatory hurdles than other renewable energy sources. It’s like running a race with hurdles taller than Mount Everest!

The licensing process for new hydropower projects takes around five years. That’s a long time to wait for the green light. And existing facilities? They face an average of eight years to get relicensed. Talk about a bureaucratic nightmare!

But it gets worse. Up to 11 federal agencies get involved in the hydropower licensing process. It’s like having your entire extended family chiming in on your life decisions. Can you imagine the chaos? And here’s the kicker: these agencies don’t even get involved in other renewable energy projects. It’s like they’re picking favorites!

All this red tape is causing uncertainty and delays. Asset owners are getting fed up and thinking of surrendering their licenses. That means less clean power for our grid and more instability. And guess what? Wind and solar power, which are intermittent, can’t pick up the slack like hydropower can. We need that steady flow of electricity!

But fear not, my friends. There’s hope on the horizon. Lawmakers are working on energy permitting reforms to make the process smoother and faster. We need to urge them to get things moving. Our energy future depends on it!

Hydropower is a reliable energy source, available 24/7. It fills the gaps when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. That’s why it’s crucial for us to support regulatory reform and give hydropower the boost it needs. It’s time to show Joe Biden that we want a strong and stable energy supply.

So, let’s join forces, fellow seniors, and advocate for streamlined processes. Let’s make hydropower shine brighter than ever before. Together, we can ensure a cleaner, more reliable energy future for all Americans.

Source Fox News