The Unexpected Controversy Surrounding Biden’s Education Policy

First lady Jill Biden’s recent proclamation that President Joe Biden is the “education president” has faced considerable scrutiny and calls for accountability from education leaders and concerned parents. It is imperative to critically examine Biden’s education claims and assess whether they align with the reality on the ground.

Critics have pointed to Biden’s track record on education as cause for concern. Sheri Few, president and founder of United States Parents Involved in Education, emphasized the president’s support for the liberal National Education Association (NEA) agenda, which has raised eyebrows among parents and conservatives. Few also highlighted the Department of Justice’s troubling attempt to label parents as domestic terrorists for voicing objections to explicit content and critical Marxist theories in schools.

The release of the “Nation’s Report Card” has further cast doubt on Biden’s education claims. The report revealed a distressing decline in reading and math scores among 13-year-olds, reaching their lowest levels in decades. Critics argue that the prolonged school closures, which some attribute to the Biden administration’s encouragement, have played a role in this decline.

Erika Sanzi, director of outreach at Parents Defending Education and a former educator, voiced strong reservations about Biden’s approach to education. Sanzi criticized the president for prioritizing the demands of teachers’ unions over the well-being of students, resulting in prolonged school closures and setbacks in reading and math proficiency.

Dr. Jameson Taylor, American Family Association senior fellow and director of policy for AFA Action, highlighted the missed opportunity for transformative change in education under Biden’s leadership. Taylor argued that the president has been preoccupied with implementing divisive ideologies, such as critical race theory (CRT) and transgender policies, at the expense of prioritizing essential subjects like reading, writing, and math. This has led to compromised student safety and a departure from the fundamental goals of education.

The discrepancies between Biden’s claims and the reality on the ground call for increased accountability. It is crucial that we hold our leaders responsible for their promises and demand transparency and effectiveness in education policies. Our children’s academic success and future depend on it.

As concerned citizens, let us unite in advocating for evidence-based practices, a return to core subjects, and an emphasis on providing quality education for all students.

We must prioritize the needs of our children above political posturing and divisive ideologies. By demanding accountability and meaningful reforms, we can ensure that our education system truly serves as a catalyst for success and equips our students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the ever-evolving world.

Source Fox News