The Unexpected Consequences Of Failed Policies, You’ll Never Guess Who To Blame

In a powerful display of accountability, Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, recently took to social media to expose the failures of President Joe Biden’s administration at the United States-Mexico border.

Through a series of videos, Cruz shed light on the alarming number of illegal immigrants crossing the border and called out the president for his lack of action.

Standing next to a barbed wire barrier that stretches along the border, Cruz pointed towards Mexico, revealing that over 22,000 illegal immigrants were just a river away. With unwavering determination, he held President Biden directly responsible for the crisis, stating, “Joe Biden, this is your fault!”

Cruz didn’t mince words when discussing the consequences of illegal crossings. He highlighted the lives lost, women subjected to sexual abuse, children enduring brutal conditions, and the victims of drug overdoses. These tragedies, as Cruz emphasized, are a direct result of President Biden’s failed policies.

Demanding accountability, Cruz urged President Biden to visit the border and witness the dire situation firsthand. He called out the president for hiding in the basement and ignoring the suffering caused by his administration’s negligence. Cruz firmly stated that the current state of affairs is far from humane or compassionate—it is cruel.

With the impending expiration of Title 42, a public health order that has helped mitigate the influx of illegal immigration, Cruz warned that the crisis will only worsen.

He painted a grim picture of what lies ahead, stating that the nation is already grappling with the worst illegal immigration in its history, and the situation is set to deteriorate further.

In a second video, Cruz walked along a road near the Rio Grande and made a heartbreaking discovery—a small sandal belonging to a young girl, possibly no more than five or six years old. This chilling find further emphasized the urgency of the situation and the need for immediate action.

Cruz held President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and every congressional Democrat accountable for the border crisis. He placed blame on their policies, including the reinstatement of catch and release, the halting of border wall construction, and the termination of the Remain in Mexico policy. These decisions have fueled the chaos and suffering at the border.

As the Title 42 expiration deadline loomed, Cruz continued to condemn President Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. He argued that Texas, in particular, is paying the price for their lack of action and their failure to protect the border.

It is evident that President Biden’s policies have had dire consequences. The American people deserve transparency, accountability, and immediate action to address the border crisis. The situation cannot be ignored or dismissed. It is time for President Biden to acknowledge the failures of his administration and take decisive measures to secure the border and protect the American people.

Source Fox News