The TRUTH about Biden family’s ties to China, That Will Leave You Infuriated

Joe Biden is bad for America because he is not putting America first. During his time in office, he has made a series of decisions that have put America at a disadvantage.

One of his biggest mistakes has been his relationship with China. Evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop has revealed a link connecting the Biden family to China.

This is a serious national security threat that needs to be addressed immediately.

The Biden family’s ties to China raise concerns about the influence that China has over the Biden administration.

Biden has also made a series of decisions that have weakened America’s economy. He has proposed a series of tax increases that will hurt American businesses and individuals.

His decision to rejoin the Paris climate agreement will hurt American energy independence and put us at a disadvantage compared to other countries.

In addition, Biden has been weak on immigration, allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the country unchecked.

This puts a strain on our resources and puts American citizens at risk. It is clear that Joe Biden is not putting America first.

His decisions have weakened our country and put us at a disadvantage.

It’s time for our elected officials to stand up for America and hold Biden accountable for his actions.