The Secret Behind Biden’s Declining Popularity, You Won’t Believe This

As conservatives, we have a responsibility to speak out against Joe Biden’s failed leadership. With his approval rating dropping to 38%, it’s clear that the American people are not satisfied with his performance.

A recent Rasmussen Reports poll found that less than half of likely voters want Biden to run for another term, and two-thirds want him to face primary challengers.

Biden’s job approval rating stands at 44% approve vs. 56% disapprove in the latest Fox News national survey, and a majority of voters do not approve of his handling of key issues such as national security, foreign policy, border security, and the economy.

It’s time for Republicans to come together and demand better leadership for our country. Biden’s failure to deliver on his promises and live up to the expectations of the American people should not be overlooked. We need leaders who will put the needs of our country first and work to make America great again.