The Race for Florida’s GOP Crown Heats Up, You Would Have NEVER Guessed It

Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill into law that bans transgender athletes from competing on female sports teams in Florida. The bill, which was signed on the first day of Pride Month, has been criticized by LGBTQ+ advocates and civil rights groups.

The new law requires athletes to compete on teams that align with their biological sex at birth, as determined by their birth certificate. It applies to public and private schools, as well as colleges and universities in the state.

Critics of the law argue that it is discriminatory and violates the rights of transgender athletes. They say that it will harm young people who just want to participate in sports and be part of a team.

Governor DeSantis defended the law, saying, “It’s important to have integrity in the competition and to have a level playing field.” He added, “It’s not a message against anybody, but it is a message to protect fairness and integrity in the competitions.”

Several other states have passed similar laws banning transgender athletes from female sports teams, leading to legal challenges and boycotts.