The Hearing That Everyone’s Talking About – Find Out Why

As the much-anticipated closed-door congressional testimony of Devon Archer, a longtime friend and business partner of Hunter Biden, draws near, the theme of the week looms large: obstruction of injustice.

Under normal circumstances, the House Oversight Committee would be laser-focused on probing Archer about potential Biden family corruption. Specifically, they would delve into President Biden’s level of involvement in using his political influence for personal gain.

Hunter Biden, the President’s controversial son, appears to have been at the center of these questionable business dealings, with assistance from Archer and other associates, including the President’s brother Jim Biden, as well as business partners James Bulger, Rob Walker, James Gilliar, and Eric Scherwin.

The crux of the matter lies in the decision to conduct business with agents of corrupt and anti-American governments. Did these foreign regimes receive any form of equitable value in return for the payments made to the Bidens? The answer seems dubious, unless one considers access to Joe Biden (both during his vice presidency and presidential campaign) as a form of “value.”

The unorthodox payment structure further raises eyebrows about the legitimacy of these business dealings. Instead of straightforward transactions, the Bidens chose a convoluted approach reminiscent of money laundering. Multimillion-dollar foreign transfers were parsed into smaller, less noticeable amounts, routed through a complex web of transfer channels, bank accounts, and business entities that seemingly existed solely to collect money without generating tangible value.

Establishing 20 limited liability companies and disbursing payments to nine Biden family members (including grandchildren and others with no involvement in the business) raises valid concerns about transparency and legitimacy.

However, the irregularity of this corruption investigation is glaring. Recent events, such as the collapse of Hunter Biden’s plea deal in Delaware, have exposed the Biden Justice Department’s apparent lack of sincere investigation. Instead, their actions appear geared towards protecting the Bidens, particularly the President.

A critical question that must be posed to Devon Archer is, “Why are you here?” In a legitimate criminal investigation, crucial witnesses would not testify before Congress. Witnesses would typically be exhaustively prepared for court testimonies, yet in a congressional hearing, the level of preparation might be less rigorous, leading to potential misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

The Biden case prompts us to question whether a bona fide investigation is truly underway. The actions of the Justice Department, including Attorney General Merrick Garland’s refusal to appoint an independent special counsel, suggest a desire to shield the President rather than pursue the truth.

As we approach the closed-door testimony, it is paramount that we persist in seeking answers. We must demand a transparent and genuine investigation into the Biden family corruption, free from any political bias. The American people deserve to know the truth, and it is time to end any obstructions to justice.

Stay vigilant for further developments as this story continues to unfold!

Source Fox News