The Handwritten Footnote That’s Making Waves

Hey there, fellow patriots! Buckle up because we’ve got a wild ride uncovering the truth about President Joe Biden’s ties to his son’s business deals. Get ready for some eye-popping revelations that’ll have you saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Picture this: it’s 2011, and Joe Biden, the then-Vice President, writes a note to his son’s business buddy, Devon Archer. But hold on tight, because this is not your typical friendly note. In this secret message, Biden apologizes for missing a chance to chat with Archer while hosting then-Chinese President Hu Jintao. But that’s not all, folks! He even adds a little handwritten “Happy you guys are together.” What’s that about?

Now, fast forward to some other jaw-dropping discoveries. Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner, spilled the beans about an email from Hunter Biden’s laptop mentioning “10% for the big guy.” Yup, you guessed it – that big guy is none other than Joe Biden himself!

And let’s not forget the closed-door congressional interview where Archer spills some juicy details. Apparently, Hunter’s value in those business deals came from none other than the Biden “brand.” Huh, imagine that!

Now, here’s the kicker. Some folks tried to brush it all off as casual chit-chat about weather and stuff. But hold on, when you look closer at the interview transcript, you’ll see these conversations were nothing to sneeze at. It’s like they were playing a sneaky game of “Let’s get the Vice President on the line and show off to our clients!”

So, my fellow Republicans, we can’t let these revelations slide. We’ve got to stay informed and keep our leaders accountable. The mainstream media might try to sweep this under the rug, but we’re not falling for that! We demand transparency, honesty, and integrity from our elected officials.

Let’s rally together and get the truth out there! The American people deserve to know the facts about those who govern them. So spread the word, share the news, and let’s make sure justice prevails. Together, we’ll stand strong and keep our democracy shining bright!

Source Fox News