The Government Agency in the SPOTLIGHT for the Wrong Reasons, You Need To See This

The Biden administration’s use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) has come under fire from Republican leaders. In a letter to the Government Accountability Office, House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee ranking member John Barrasso argued that the DOE’s heavy reliance on the SPR has undermined U.S. energy security.

The Republicans are concerned that the repeated drawdown of oil stocks from the SPR could ultimately erode the reserve’s physical integrity.

They also criticized the administration’s failure to establish long-term plans for the reserve, which they argue has compromised its ability to meet its energy security mission.

President Biden has ordered the release of about 260 million barrels of oil stored in the SPR since taking office to combat record fuel prices hitting American consumers.

The SPR has now fallen to its lowest level since October 1983, leaving the country more vulnerable to energy supply disruptions.

The Biden administration must prioritize America’s energy security and take action to ensure that the SPR is in good shape and prepared to protect the American people in times of emergency.

The Republicans’ call for a watchdog investigation is a necessary step to hold the DOE accountable for its mismanagement of the reserve.

Source Fox News