The Dark Side of Kamala’s Nashville Trip, Discover Her Real Priorities

Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent visit to Nashville, Tennessee, has drawn criticism from many quarters.

The Vice President met with two black Democrat lawmakers who were expelled from the House, but she did not visit the families of the victims of the recent Christian school shooting.

The tragedy at the Christian school shooting, in which a transgender shooter murdered three children and three adults, was not a random act of gun violence but a targeted hate crime against the Christian community.

Many people on social media and political commentators have called out Harris for her lack of empathy toward the real victims.

Critics accuse Harris of being more interested in pushing for gun control than addressing the real issue of targeted hate crimes. Her comments that the shooting was due to “gun violence” and her push for gun control have been seen by some as avoiding the real issue at hand.

In times like these, it is important for leaders to show empathy and support for the real victims of tragedies. Harris’s actions have left many questioning her priorities and ability to connect with the people she is meant to serve.