Shocking turn of events in the Democratic primary race.

“President Biden’s ambitious plan to reshape the Democratic primary process is encountering formidable resistance from state leaders across party lines. Since its unveiling in December, the proposal to prioritize South Carolina as the first primary state, while diminishing the influence of states like New Hampshire and Iowa, has faced widespread opposition and skepticism.

The pushback from New Hampshire has been particularly pronounced. Prominent leaders within the Democratic Party have voiced concerns over the potential negative consequences of relinquishing their state’s long-standing status as the first primary state. Worried about the impact on their party’s performance in the 2024 election, they have urged President Biden to reconsider his plan.

Republican Governor Chris Sununu has made it clear that he will staunchly oppose any attempt to move New Hampshire’s primary.

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, has taken matters into his own hands by scheduling the state’s primary independently of Biden’s proposed changes. This assertive move underscores the resistance Republicans are mounting against the president’s plan.

Meanwhile, in Iowa, lawmakers have been working to undermine Biden’s attempt to delay their caucus. Democrats in the state have put forward a compromise that would allow Iowa to retain its traditional first caucus status but postpone the announcement of vote results until May. However, the ultimate decision on this matter is still pending.

Despite the strong opposition, President Biden’s campaign remains resolute in its commitment to reforming the primary process. The Democratic National Committee, when approached for comment, did not respond. Jim Roosevelt, co-chairman of the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, expressed confidence in the proposed changes, emphasizing that having a sitting president presents a unique opportunity for significant reform.

However, with bipartisan resistance and logistical challenges to overcome, the road ahead for Biden’s primary plan remains uncertain. While some Democrats in states like South Carolina, Nevada, and Michigan support the proposed changes, opposition from Republicans poses a significant hurdle that could potentially delay or even derail the implementation of the new primary calendar.

The battle for primary reform rages on, and the outcome will shape the landscape of future elections. As Republican voters, it is crucial to stay informed and engaged, keeping a watchful eye on the developments surrounding this critical issue. The primary process plays a pivotal role in our democracy, and any changes must be carefully evaluated to ensure fairness, representation, and the preservation of our democratic principles.”

Source Fox News