Shocking revelations about the nominee’s Lebanon involvement.

Republican voices are ringing out with increasing intensity as they demand a reevaluation of Ambassador Elizabeth Richard’s nomination for the crucial role of counterterrorism coordinator.

Concerns regarding her troubled record as ambassador to Lebanon are resonating within the party and capturing the attention of conservative voters nationwide.

Leading the charge, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, renowned for his staunch commitment to national security, delivered a forceful speech condemning Richard’s nomination.

He shed light on her support for funding the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Lebanon, a policy that indirectly aids groups like Hezbollah and undermines American interests.

Cruz placed particular emphasis on the harrowing case of Amer Fakhoury, a former U.S. hostage who endured months of unjust imprisonment and torture in Lebanon. Fakhoury’s tragic story stands as a stark reminder of the grave consequences that can result from misguided policies and inadequate action.

Cruz highlighted that it was only through bipartisan efforts and the intervention of the Trump administration that Fakhoury was ultimately released, although tragically too late to save his life.

The nomination of Ambassador Richard has ignited fury among Republican voters and stirred the anguish of Fakhoury’s bereaved family. They express shock and disbelief that the Biden administration would select someone with such a deeply troubling record to assume a role of critical importance in counterterrorism.

Cruz further criticized Richard’s decision to remove a military force deployed to protect the U.S. Embassy in Beirut following the assassination of Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani.

He argued that this ill-judged action recklessly endangered the lives of embassy personnel, revealing a concerning inclination towards appeasement.

In his closing remarks, Cruz emphatically asserted that Richard’s approach to counterterrorism is fundamentally flawed and disqualifying.

He emphasized the urgent need for a nominee who comprehends the gravity of the threat and wholeheartedly prioritizes the safety and security of American citizens.

Republicans are united in their demand for the Biden administration to promptly reevaluate the nomination of Ambassador Elizabeth Richard.

The growing chorus of voices expressing deep concern underscores the party’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding national security and underscores the imperative need for competent and resolute leadership in the critical fight against terrorism.

Source Fox News