Revealed The POWER PLAY in the Education Department, You Won’t Believe This

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has released a report alleging that the Biden administration is unfairly targeting career colleges by “weaponizing” the federal student aid process.

The report argues that the Education Department is working with left-wing figures and Democratic state attorneys general to pursue a “witch hunt” against for-profit trade schools.

According to the report, the Biden administration has undertaken several steps that are putting working-class students at a disadvantage by unfairly targeting career colleges.

The report also accuses Richard Cordray, the Education Department’s chief operating officer of federal student aid, of being a leading force behind the alleged targeting of career colleges.

The AAF report specifically describes Cordray’s office as being staffed with “left-wing ideological warriors” to pursue an agenda against career colleges.

The report also highlights how Cordray has been in close contact with a wide network of left-wing groups, advocates, lobbyists, and lawyers that support large-scale student loan forgiveness and have been outspoken against for-profit colleges.

Source Fox News