Oops! Someone’s Not On Board With The Majority Decision, You’ll Never Guess Who

South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace has made a resolute decision to oppose the debt ceiling deal negotiated between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden. Taking to Twitter, Mace passionately declared her intention to vote against the agreement, asserting that she refuses to compromise the well-being of our children and grandchildren for the sake of playing political games in Washington.

Mace’s principled objection revolves around her concern that the bipartisan debt ceiling package normalizes the record-high spending levels that were initiated during the pandemic. By setting these excessive spending levels as the new baseline for future expenditures, the government’s growth remains unchecked, burdening the American people with unsustainable debt.

The South Carolina Republican points out that even with minor cuts to discretionary spending over the next two years, we are still looking at an estimated $6 trillion in additional spending. This exorbitant amount is simply unacceptable and places an undue burden on hardworking taxpayers.

Mace highlights the alarming growth of the government over the past three years, which was intended to be emergency funding during the COVID crisis. However, the government’s spending ballooned by 40%, amounting to a staggering $2 trillion increase from 2019 to 2023. The debt ceiling deal fails to address this excessive growth and instead perpetuates it, cementing these record-high spending levels as the new norm.

Moreover, Mace criticizes the lack of a true debt limit in the agreement. Instead, the deal suspends the debt ceiling entirely until January 2, 2025, without any real cap. The estimated $2 trillion deficit in six years is unreliable, as it relies on non-existent and non-binding spending caps included in this deal.

The South Carolina representative also sheds light on the Pay-As-You-Go provision, exposing its flaws and lack of effectiveness. Mace stresses the American people’s overwhelming desire for Congress to reduce spending as part of any debt ceiling agreement. Unfortunately, this bill falls short of meeting that expectation.

Mace’s unwavering stance against this flawed debt ceiling plan demonstrates her commitment to responsible fiscal management and accountability. She urges her fellow Republicans to unite against this bill and demand change in Washington’s spending habits.

Stay tuned for more updates on this crucial issue as Republican leaders strive to protect the interests of the American people and secure a prosperous future for our nation.

Source Fox News