Oops! CNN’s fact-checker overlooks Biden’s claims once again.

CNN’s fact-checking practices have revealed a deeply ingrained partisan agenda. With chief fact-checker Daniel Dale at the helm, the network has consistently demonstrated a bias against Republicans, while turning a blind eye to President Biden’s claims.

Since March 30, Dale has not fact-checked President Biden, yet he has managed to produce 21 fact-checks targeting Republicans, particularly former President Trump. This skewed focus exposes CNN’s preference for scrutinizing Republicans rather than holding the current administration accountable.

The “Biden White House” section of CNN’s fact-check site speaks volumes about the network’s partisan approach. Instead of providing comprehensive fact-checks of President Biden’s statements, it is flooded with fact-checks of former President Trump. This deliberate choice reinforces the perception that CNN is more interested in perpetuating a partisan narrative than in providing objective analysis.

Dale’s selective fact-checking further reveals CNN’s bias. President Biden’s misleading claims about his family and other controversial statements have been conveniently ignored, while Republicans bear the brunt of fact-checking scrutiny. This double standard undermines the credibility of CNN’s fact-checking efforts and raises questions about their commitment to fairness and accuracy.

Tim Graham from the Media Research Center rightfully challenges the objectivity of CNN’s fact-checkers. The consistent targeting of Republicans gives the impression of partisan bias, regardless of direct financial affiliations. CNN’s fixation on fact-checking Republicans while neglecting President Biden’s claims is a disservice to the American people and diminishes the network’s journalistic integrity.

It is imperative for CNN to reassess its fact-checking practices and strive for true impartiality. Fair and balanced fact-checking requires holding all politicians accountable, regardless of their party affiliation. CNN must rise above partisan agendas and deliver unbiased reporting that fosters trust among its viewers.

Source Fox News