Oops! Biden administration caught promoting woke AI agenda.

“The Biden administration’s aggressive push for woke ideology in artificial intelligence (AI) demands a robust response from conservative voters who cherish their values. Recent findings by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) reveal a deliberate attempt to inject dangerous ideologies into AI systems, posing a direct threat to conservative principles.

Under the guise of combating algorithmic discrimination and harmful bias, the Biden administration seeks to manipulate AI to conform to the woke left’s agenda. Rather than relying on scientific expertise, the administration turns to racially obsessed social academics and activists, endangering the objectivity and integrity of AI.

One glaring example is the “”Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights”” released by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. This document capitalizes on concerns about algorithmic discrimination, using them as a pretext to introduce biased equity assessments into AI system design. Such an approach risks eroding the fundamental principles of fairness and impartiality that conservatives hold dear.

Arati Prabhakar, director of Biden’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, has been at the forefront of promoting data equity and combating algorithmic discrimination. While these goals may sound appealing, they raise legitimate concerns about the potential for bias and the manipulation of AI systems to serve a progressive agenda.

The National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan, released under Prabhakar’s leadership, doubles down on the administration’s commitment to fighting “”harmful biases”” in AI. While addressing bias is a valid concern, it is crucial to ensure that this pursuit does not compromise the neutrality and effectiveness of AI in serving all Americans.

The appointment of Miriam Vogel, president and CEO of EqualAI, as chair of the National AI Advisory Committee further exacerbates concerns. While EqualAI claims to reduce unconscious bias in AI, there is a real risk of introducing biases aligned with its own agenda, thereby distorting the decision-making processes of AI systems.

Conservative voters must rise to the occasion and actively push back against the woke AI agenda. It threatens the core tenets of conservative values, including individual liberty, free speech, and equal opportunity.

To safeguard these principles, it is crucial to remain informed, engaged, and vocal. Conservative voices must advocate for AI systems that remain impartial, unbiased, and true to their purpose of serving the best interests of all Americans.

By staying united and committed to their conservative values, voters can ensure that AI remains a tool that enhances, rather than undermines, the principles that make America great.”

Source Fox News