Must-read: Insider’s opinion on Trump’s federal charges.

“Former Attorney General Eric Holder recently expressed his opinion on whether President Biden or the future 2024 winner should pardon former President Donald Trump if he is convicted of federal charges. However, Holder’s comments are nothing more than another example of partisan gamesmanship at the expense of justice.

Holder, who served as AG under the Obama administration, presided over a Department of Justice that was tainted by political bias and selective enforcement of the law. From the mishandling of the Fast and Furious operation to the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, Holder’s tenure was riddled with controversies that eroded trust in the justice system.

Now, Holder wants us to believe that he supports letting the system work and treating a convicted president like any other person. But his track record tells a different story. Holder’s DOJ disproportionately targeted individuals and organizations with conservative leanings, while turning a blind eye to wrongdoing by those aligned with the Democratic Party.

Holder’s recent comments are clearly aimed at undermining Trump and his supporters. The left is determined to erase Trump’s legacy and silence his movement. But the American people will not be swayed by these partisan tactics. They demand a justice system that is fair, impartial, and free from political influence.

In conclusion, Holder’s comments on pardoning Trump are just another example of the partisan games being played by the left. The American people deserve a justice system that is guided by principles, not politics. It’s time to put an end to these partisan maneuvers and ensure that justice is served for all, regardless of political affiliation.’

Source Fox News