Mind-blowing revelation: How Ukraine’s invasion was halted.

In an exclusive interview on Fox News, former President Donald Trump made a startling revelation about his influence in delaying the invasion of Ukraine. Trump attributed the postponement of the conflict to a conversation he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin, wherein he delivered a forceful warning that left a lasting impact.

During the interview on “Special Report,” Trump emphasized the strength of his relationship with Putin, stating, “With Putin, I have a very good relationship. I mean, I haven’t spoken to him in a long while, but I had a very strong relationship.” He firmly believed that if he were still in office, the invasion would never have occurred, confidently stating, “He wouldn’t have done it if it were me. He did it after I left.”

Trump provided a vivid account of his conversation with Putin, highlighting the gravity of his warnings. He stressed the catastrophic consequences that would follow an invasion and assured Putin that there would be “hell to pay.” While initially skeptical, Putin eventually succumbed to Trump’s unwavering determination. Trump recounted, “I told him I was going to do something. He said, ‘No, no, no, you will not do that.’ I said, ‘I will, Vladimir, I will do it. I’m going to do it.'”

Although Trump recognized Ukraine’s independence, he also acknowledged its historical ties to Russia. He suggested that Putin had a preference for Ukraine and Russia to be united, which could have served as a motivation for the invasion.

While Trump refrained from discussing specific negotiation details, he expressed unwavering confidence in his ability to swiftly broker a resolution. Drawing on his extensive experience as a deal-maker, he asserted, “I would have a deal done in 24 hours from the time we started. And I would tell Zelenskyy something, and I would tell Putin something, and I’d get him into a room, and I’d tell him again, and again.”

Former President Trump’s revelation regarding his conversation with Putin provides a fascinating glimpse into his efforts to deter the invasion of Ukraine. It showcases his strong stance, assertive diplomacy, and resolute commitment to safeguarding American interests and global stability.

Source Fox News