Melania’s Bold Move after Trump’s Indictment, You Need To See This

The news of Donald Trump’s indictment did not stop his 2024 campaign from raising a significant amount of money. According to reports, the campaign raised $7 million in just three days after a Manhattan grand jury indicted Trump.

The campaign’s joint fundraising committee has been repeatedly seeking donations from Trump’s supporters, referencing the possibility of criminal charges.

While the indictment involves Trump’s purported role in hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels, the fundraising haul shows that Trump’s supporters remain loyal to him.

The fundraising amount is considered a record, and it highlights the significance of Trump’s role in the Republican Party. Numerous recent polls also show that Trump is leading the potential Republican presidential primary field.

On the other hand, some political analysts and pollsters believe that the Democrats may have given Trump an unintended political boost with the indictment. Craig Keshishian, a veteran political analyst and pollster, said that there is a nexus between Americans bullied by the government and an increase in popularity.

He cited the example of former President Bill Clinton’s case, where Republicans ganged up on him, but it worked to his benefit in the end. Americans do not mind bullies but do not like to be bullied. Keshishian believes that Trump is now the beneficiary of that.

Moreover, Keshishian said that P.R. for Trump is like oxygen to a fire, and the Democrats may have given him the kiss of life. Recent polling numbers show a surge in Republican respondents who now sympathize with Trump following the indictment.

Keshishian warns that the Democrats better be careful as there could be some sort of backlash in the making, and there may be a de facto surge in Republican voters who sympathize with Trump.