Manchin’s SURPRISING Stand Against Biden’s EPA, You’ll Be Shocked


Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is opposing President Biden’s EPA nominees over an expected regulation targeting power plant emissions. He argued that the Biden administration’s plan to shut down fossil fuel-fired power plants could harm the national power grid.

The proposed EPA regulation could require power plants to cut their carbon dioxide emissions by 2040, but Manchin believes neither the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law nor the Inflation Reduction Act provide the EPA with authority to do so.


  1. Manchin plans to oppose Biden’s EPA nominees due to their anticipated regulation on power plant emissions.
  2. The proposed EPA regulation could have negative impacts on the national power grid.
  3. Manchin asserts that current legislation does not grant the EPA authority to regulate emissions in this manner.
  4. The EPA regulation would affect over 3,000 fossil fuel-fired power plants, which generate more than 60% of US electricity.
  5. Manchin’s opposition highlights the potential risks of the Biden administration’s environmental policy on American energy security and economic stability.


Senator Joe Manchin’s opposition to President Biden’s EPA nominees is a testament to the need for a more balanced approach to environmental policy.

While combating climate change is important, it should not come at the expense of American energy security and economic stability.

Manchin’s concerns should be taken seriously, as they represent the potential consequences of pushing an extreme environmental agenda without due consideration for the nation’s infrastructure and economy.

The Biden administration must find a way to balance environmental goals with the practical needs of American citizens

Source Fox News