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5 Things Conservatives Should Know About Immigration Under The Biden Administration

As the Biden administration continues to make headlines with its immigration policies, conservatives are watching closely and with increasing concern. From the border crisis to changes in deportation policies, there's a lot to unpack. Here are five key things that conservatives should know about immigration under the Biden administration:

1. The Border Crisis Is Real

One of the most glaring issues has been the surge in illegal border crossings since Biden took office. The numbers are staggering, with encounters along the U.S.-Mexico border reaching levels not seen in years. This is not just a humanitarian crisis; it's a national security concern. Drug trafficking, human smuggling, and potential entry of individuals with criminal intent are real and pressing dangers exacerbated by porous borders.

2. Rolling Back Trump-Era Policies

The Biden administration has been quick to reverse many Trump-era immigration policies, claiming they were inhumane or ineffective. One such policy is the "Remain in Mexico" policy, which required asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while their claims were processed. Its reversal has led to overcrowded conditions in U.S. immigration facilities and a backlog in processing asylum claims. Critics argue that these rollbacks have signaled to would-be migrants that the U.S. borders are open, thereby exacerbating the crisis.

3. Executive Actions Over Legislation

Biden has relied heavily on executive actions to enact his immigration agenda, bypassing Congress in many instances. For conservatives who value constitutional governance and checks and balances, this unilateral approach is alarming. Using executive orders to shape significant policy changes sets a dangerous precedent and undermines the democratic process.

4. Pathway to Citizenship: A Controversial Proposal

One of the most contentious proposals from the Biden administration is a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants currently residing in the U.S. While framed as a compassionate solution, conservatives worry that this would essentially reward illegal behavior and act as a magnet for future illegal immigration. Furthermore, the economic impact of such a massive regularization remains a significant concern, particularly in terms of labor markets and social welfare programs.

5. Catch and Release is Back

The controversial "catch and release" policy, wherein illegal immigrants are released into the U.S. interior while awaiting court proceedings, has been reinstated. The implications are troubling for conservatives who are concerned about the rule of law and public safety. Not only does this practice potentially allow individuals with criminal backgrounds into communities, but it also relies on the often incorrect assumption that these individuals will willingly return for their court dates.

In summary, immigration under the Biden administration has become a focal point of conservative concern for multiple reasons: national security, rule of law, economic impact, and the undermining of democratic processes. The unilateral manner in which many of these policies have been implemented adds another layer of concern, as it sets a worrying precedent for future administrations. As conservatives, it's crucial to stay informed and engaged on this issue, advocating for policies that prioritize the safety, prosperity, and constitutional integrity of the nation.