Jaw-Dropping Biden Scandal: You’ll Be Surprised By Who’s Involved

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine expressed skepticism about the White House’s and Hunter Biden’s lawyers’ explanations for the China-linked payments made to multiple Biden family members.

The House Oversight Committee unveiled that the Biden family received over $1 million in payments related to Hunter Biden’s associate Rob Walker and their Chinese business ventures in 2017.

Hunter Biden’s legal team defended the transactions, claiming they were part of a legitimate joint venture.


Over $1 million in China-linked payments were made to the Biden family in 2017. Payments connected to Hunter Biden’s associate Rob Walker and Chinese business ventures.

A joint venture called Sinohawk Holdings involved Hunter Biden, Rob Walker, and others. Hunter Biden’s legal team claims transactions were part of a legitimate joint venture.

Columnist Miranda Devine questions the credibility of the provided explanations.


As Republican voters, we should be wary of the explanations offered by Hunter Biden’s legal team and the White House regarding these China-linked payments.

The suspicious nature of the transactions demands greater transparency and accountability from the Biden family.

We must continue to question and demand the truth about these payments and their implications on the current administration.

Source https://www.foxnews.com/media/miranda-devine-calls-hunter-biden-lawyers-bizarre-defense-china-linked-payment